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Please Consult with a technician before any salon or spa service if you are, diabetic, pregnant, hormonal, have high blood pressure, or any communicative diseases. Certain medications thin the skin, so please make the technician aware about any prescription you are taking prior to your appointment (I.E. Accutane, Retin-A, AHA Differen, or recent facial treatments such as dermabraision or peel.

Eyebrow Tweezing

$20 & up

Don't want to wax that's okay come in and we will take care of those unwanted hairs by tweezing.

Back & Chest

$50/ $50 & up

Not just bodybuilders want a hair free chest and back come let us make you your best silky smooth self.


$60 & up


$55 & up

French (Modified Bikini)

$45 & up


$40 & up

Remove that hair from your bikini line and keep it gone for much longer with out the bumps of razor burn.


$20 & up

Don't you hate shaving your underarms everyday? It seems like even after you shave them by night they have already grown back. By waxing your underarms you can extend the life of your silky smooth pits.

Half Arm to Full Arm

$25/ $40 & up

Have us remove that unwanted hair on your arms and have the most touchable arms of your life.

Half Leg to Full Leg

$35/ $45 & up

Hate Shaving? Have us wax your legs and have a longer time with smoother touchable legs.

Brow, Lip, Chin, Toe, Ear, or Nose

$12 & up