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Spa Services

Please Consult with a technician before any salon or spa services if you are, diabetic, pregnant, hormonal, have high blood pressure, or any communicative diseases. Certain medications thin the skin, so please make the technician aware about any prescription you are taking prior to your appointment (I.E. Accutane, Retin-A, AHA Differen, or recent facial treatments such as dermabraision or peel.


An ongoing series of informational entries

Neck Lift Mask or Face Lift Mask


Undereye Mask or Lip Plump Mask


Glycolic Treatment/ Add on 


A less invasive, safe alternative to plastic surgery!

Manual Dermabrasion (40 min. add on)


A safe, effective, and affordable alternative to microdermabrasion. Improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin tone, surface scarring, aging and sun damaged skin.

Refresher Facial (30 min.)


A quick way to give your skin that glowing appearance and to make it feel refreshed.

Tandem Facial (2 Therapists)

Add $25

Anti Age Collagen Facial


Designed to calm sun-stressed irritated, red skin or Rosacea. Also excellent for moisturizing.

Acne Facial


Gentlemen's Facial


A facial designed just for him.

Classic Facial


A rejuvenating facial with steam for deep cleansing, exfoliation (extractions if needed), massage, and individual masks customized for you personal needs. Takes about 1 hour.

Champagne Facial


A totally decadent facial treatment, which includes an aroma therapy spa feet and leg treatment. This lavish facial containing Champagne oil and cleansing antioxidant grape extracts leaves your skin refreshed and hydrated for a more youthful feeling and appearance. For all skin types. Complete with chocolate truffles, and rose petals!

Body Services

An ongoing series of informational entries

Clarifying Back Treatment


Your back deserves special treatment too. Our spa technician will cleanse, exfoliate, and clarify this area followed with a light pampering massage and warm paraffin mask.

Shiny Hiney


Let's admit it we all get some but acne and that special area needs some love too. Let us take care of it for you!

Add Norvel Spray Tan to Exfolation


Give yourself that warm glow without spending hours in a tanning bed!

Sea Salt Glow (Intense Exfoliation)


Deep cleansing exfoliation combined with essential oils to reveal softer, smoother skin.

Skin Glow ( Gentle Exfoliation) 


Gentle exfoliating body polish combined with essential oils to reveal softer, smoother skin.

Cellulite & Inch Loss Treatment


This pampering treatment guarantees a loss of 2-14 inches. Allow 2 hours