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Please Consult with a technician before any salon or spa service if you are, diabetic, pregnant, hormonal, have high blood pressure, or any communicative diseases. Certain medications thin the skin, so please make the technician aware about any prescription you are taking prior to your appointment (I.E. Accutane, Retin-A, AHA Differen, or recent facial treatments such as dermabraision or peel.

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Nail Fix

$3-$5 per nail

Messed up one or a couple of your nails no problem come in and we will fix it for you!

Acrylic Removal

$25 & up

Designer Colored Acrylic 

$6 & up $1 per color

Tip Extensions or Overlay


Full Set Sculpted/ French


Forever French/ Rebalance


Full Set Acrylic/ Fill


Acrylic Toes


Polish Change


Nails look good but the polish does not come in and we will bring your nails back to their full potential.

Buff & Polish


Nail Art

$1 & up per nail

Gel Polish/ Removal

Add $10+/ $25

Traditional French Polish

Add $ 5 

Mani  and Pedi Combo ( excludes Essentials)

10% off

Get 10% off when you combine any mani or pedi. This excludes our essentials mani of pedi.

Add Warm Stone to a Mani or Pedi


Add warm stones to your mani or pedi to get a deeper muscle relaxation.

Chair Massage to any Manicure

$20 & up

Make any Manicure even more luxurious with the addition of a relaxing massage. 

Tension Relief Soak Mani or Pedi

30 min. $20/$40 60 min. $30/$55

Having a stressful day or week? Come in and enjoy a nice long foot soak with a foot massage guaranteed to melt away all your stress.

Detox Elements Pedi

Add $10

Therapeutic Sports Mani or Pedi For Him  


A treatment just for him! men need too take care of their feet and hands as well. Get all the benefits of a mani or pedi without the polish. This service includes the paraffin wax experience.

Signature Mani or Pedi With Mask and Paraffin

March 15, 2016

This luxurious service includes everything in our Essential and Traditional spa experiences. 

 Paraffin wax can help soften skin and relax muscles giving the most luxurious spa experience. 

Traditional Mani or Pedi With Mask


These services include: above plus a hydrating mask removed with hot steamed towels and a tension relief massage. 

Paraffin Dip (hands/feet)


Give your hands/feet the extra love they need. Paraffin dip makes them feel extra smooth, and gives your muscles a deeper sense of relaxation.

Essentials Mani or Pedi


This service includes: nail trim and reshaping followed by cuticle care, exfoliation,  and moisture cream.