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Please Consult with a technician before any salon or spa services if you are, diabetic, pregnant, hormonal, have high blood pressure, or any communicative diseases. Certain medications thin the skin, so please make the technician aware about any prescription you are taking prior to your appointment (I.E. Accutane, Retin-A, AHA Differen, or recent facial treatments such as dermabraision or peel.


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Reiki (30 or 60 min.)


Add a Conditioning Hair and Scalp Treatment to any Massage


Aroma Therapy Add to Any Massage


Sports Massage For Him (60 min.)


Maternity Massage ( 30 or 60 min.)


Couples Massage


Deep Tissue Massage (60 min.)


This massage focuses on the deepest layer of the muscle tissue and helps relieve chronic muscle pain.

Warm Stone Massage (60 or 90 min)


Melt away your tension with a warm stone massage. This massage promotes deeper muscles relaxation by placing smooth water heated stones on the body and massaging with them. A sense of relaxation you have never felt before.

90 Min. Massage


60 Min. Massage


30 Min.Massage